Why Your New Home Should Be Green

11 Dec

Have you dreamed of your new home? Will it be your dream castle or a luxury estate? Perhaps you want to downsize to a smaller country home. Whatever your dream, you want your new place to be a uniquely reflection of you, but have you thought about going green?

Why Green?

Green houses are becoming more popular, and not because they are the color green. Custom home builders in Franklin, TN who are recognized as Certified Green Professionals adhere to affordable building costs when constructing your new home by using sustainable building principles.

Green house

Building a green house means using renewable energy, i.e, sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, and rain, which are constantly replenished. The green building movement in the U.S. originated from the need and desire for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Practical and Wise

Green homes are not only smart, they are energy-efficient, practical, and will cost efficient. Plus, It shows you care for the health of your community, the environment, and your family.

Design Your Greenhouse!

As you choose the site for your home, avoid building a west-facing home. This will keep your home cooler by minimizing sun exposure. Fifty per cent of energy consumption goes toward heating and cooling. ENERGY STAR windows reduce the cost of heating and cooling. A high-efficiency, EPA-rated HVAC system, along with programmable thermostats cut down costs and saves electricity.

Installing ENERGY STAR appliances such as tankless water heaters, low flow faucets and shower heads show you are aware of the benefits to conserving water. A rainwater harvesting system further conserves water by reusing rainwater in sprinkler systems or toilets.

There are other methods for a green home to consider as well, such as using low-impact building materials or using packed gravel. Now it’s time to choose someone invested in your dream.

Choosing a Certified Green Builder

With all your ideas for a green home, you’ll want someone dependable, honest, and trustworthy. More than that, you need someone who can catch your vision, and then help you achieve that goal from the design through construction. Choosing custom home builders in Franklin, TN may seem like a daunting task. Find the builder who will be transparent with building costs, and maintain open communication with you throughout the process. You want to see your ideas come to life with a trusted builder whose community reputation proves they can bring your dream into fruition.

Several custom home builders in Franklin, TN abide by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)and are NAHB Green Certified Builders. They assure green building is voluntary, affordable, and cost effective and assure expert craftsmanship and application of green practices to every phase of your new custom home.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Now you’re ready to start achieving your dream from design through construction. You can take pride and joy in your new “greenhouse” as you live in a positive, healthy atmosphere. Not only have you been wise and energy efficient, you have also passed on the importance of economics and environment to the rest of your family.

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