What to Ask a Potential Contractor Before Hiring Them

28 Mar

When you are looking to remodel all or part of your home, you are likely not going to be able to take on the project all on your own. As such, you will need a contractor or several contractors to help you turn your vision into a reality. And if you are looking to create a completely customized home, you want to be sure that the contractor you choose will be able to create the best custom kitchen and other rooms for you in your Atlanta home. Get to know some of the things you should ask a potential contractor before hiring them so that you can be sure you select and hire a contractor that will give you the best possible project results.

Are You Licensed?

If you want to be sure that you are hiring a contractor that is knowledgeable and has verified skills and training, you will want to be sure that the contractor you hire is licensed. A licensed contractor will have had to provide the state with proof of education and training as well as to pass a rigorous exam. The exam is designed to test their skills and their ability to be compliant with state laws regarding construction and remodeling work.

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Can I See Examples of Your Work?

It is important to see the past projects that a contractor has worked on in order to see if their skills and design aesthetic are similar to your tastes and needs. Most highly qualified and reputable contractors will have pictures of their past projects and will be more than happy to provide examples that they are proud of. If a contractor is evasive about this question, they may be disreputable or not even be a real contractor.

What Is Your Regular Work Routine and Who Will Be On-Site?

It is important to know the hours that your contractor prefers to work as well as who will be on site and if they will be using subcontractors for any portions of your job. These questions will give you a good idea of what will be going on in your home on a daily basis while the project is being complete. Knowing who is on site and who will be supervising is important to your home security and peace of mind. And knowing the work hours will help you to be sure that you are out of the way as they work and that your routine will not be too disturbed by the process.

With these questions in mind, you can begin the process of seeking out a contractor for your home improvement or remodeling project and be sure that you get the right contractor for the job.

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