Juffair the Best Destination for Real Estate Investment in Bahran

10 May

Bahrain abounds with many appealing residential communities which are worth checking and would be suitable for all niches of customers whatever they are looking for. Juffair, a central district in the heart of Bahrain’s capital Manama, caters to the finest tastes, it offers luxurious living abodes scattered across high rise and mid rise towers found all around the area. Most of the residential apartments available in the area have access to many amenities like swimming pools, sauna, steam bath, and fitness gyms. They also differ in size and style of furniture between semi furnished and fully furnished ones.

The lofty area offers one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom apartments to fit all demands. There are also studio apartments, all these styles are found displayed for sale and for rent.

It’s worth mentioning that Juffair is a freehold area where people of all nationalities, not only Bahrainis or GCC nationals, have the right to own an apartment. Finding an apartment to buy in Juffair is never a difficult process thanks to the available property listing websites which are full of many different apartments as well as other types of properties varying between residential and commercial categories.

The area of Juffair is considered a perfect location for singletons and families looking for living in a strategic location with access to all needed facilities. The area has shopping malls, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, and it’s near Al Najma Sports Club. Many of the area’s apartments overlook nice views of the sea and panoramic city view of Manama.

The diversity of apartments in Juffair adds to its strength points, property searchers will find a great selection of apartments to choose from. Investors will find in Juffair’s apartments classy style of finishing

You can buy a magnificent fully furnished apartment that has beautiful setting and a set of fine furniture pieces. The luxury high rise towers standing in Juffair are set to redefine the luxury living concepts by boasting fancy interior designs in the entrance and the floor corridors in addition to a full set of facilities ranging between air conditioned apartments, fitness gym, steam bath, sauna, and many other amenities.

As a matter of fact, Juffair is the home of many top notch residential projects known all around Bahrain like Fontana Tower that offers fantastic interior and exterior designs, Saray Tower, Kiev Tower, etc.

Bahrain’s suitable property prices gives it an advantage over its famous counterpart in GCC region, Dubai. For instance, the average sales price of a two bedroom fully furnished apartment in Juffair is BHD 75,000 which is equivalent to around $30,000, a price never found in Dubai market. Property prices in Juffair have been on the rise since introducing the district as one of the freehold areas and it is expected to retain its growth rate in the near future thanks to the vibrant purchase activity.

To maintain a robust real estate ecosystem in Bahrain, a specialized independent entity was formed to regulate the real estate activity locally and set its framework under the name Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). The authority was formed this year and it represents a very serious step from Bahrain government to step up local real estate industry and make its market more appealing for GCC and foreign investors.

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