Home Improvement Must-have to an Elder-friendly House

2 Dec

Having an elder in the house is a little bit challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining your home. Things can be move from there and here, and a little messed up can go along. Most people have their seniors put in elderly care Houston TX for better support. Improving your home to suit an elder can be a real pain in the budget. House renovation is not easy and cannot be done overnight, but if you want to have some small but wise changes, then you are in the right article. In able to suit your elders’ needs at home, your house must be elder-friendly. In this article, let’s discuss the necessary home improvement that you can add to your home.

Here are five home improvement to suit your elder’s needs:

Bidet Toilet

Every day, everyone goes to the comfort room and release all the toxins in the body. For elders, wiping their bottom is a bit difficult especially if they have issues of the bones and back pains. A bidet toilet seat is a beautiful addition to your home. You can add this Japanese style innovation to give your elders the comfort they need. Plus, it promotes better hygiene and better cleaning. You can also save a lot of tissue roll and feel cleaner within. Your elders will surely thank you for this.

Air-conditioner and Heater

Whether it is winter or summer, you have to make sure that your elders are comfortable with the weather. Having both air-conditioner and heater is a beautiful addition to your home improvement must have.

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Smart Locks

Admit it or not, elders sometimes are forgetting simple things such as leaving the door open at night. So to boost your security, you can install smart locks on all your doors and windows inside the house. You can also add some other security features so you will feel safe and have no worry.


Cameras inside and outside the house is a high-security tool to check on who’s checking on your home. Also, you can see what your elder is doing the whole day especially when you are away at home. It is easier to check out on them, and you can even connect the CCTV to your phone and see what is happening at the moment. Although, at some point, you can bring them to a home health care service that you can find in this address so they can have better monitoring.


With an elder, constant communication is essential. But if you have some other chores to do like washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and fixing your kids, then it will be a little bit impossible. Installing an intercom at home is beneficial, so you can check your elder and still have constant communication.

But among the rest, showing them, they are appreciated, important, and loved is what they need. Although these home improvement must-haves are helpful and will provide them convenience they deserved. One by one, have these home improvement and see how these will help you.

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