Here’s How to Find the Newest Apartments Around Town by Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

18 Apr

Newer apartments often offer many advantages, such as top-of-the-line amenities, fewer maintenance issues and reduced risk of rodent and insect problems. The sooner you can find these recently constructed units, the better chance you stand of getting your application in early and securing a beautiful, comfortable unit. These strategies can be a big help during this process. 

.   Ask friends and family members for apartment information. 

Even if you’re not aware that a new apartment has gone up, your friends and family members might have heard about or seen new complexes. See if they know some of the basic details about these buildings, such as what the rent might be like or when the agents are going to take applications. 

Newest Apartments

.   Check the public records at the building division for your city’s Office of Community Development. 

Building new apartments requires companies to file for various permits, which are typically public record. Go to your community’s development office and have a representative do a search for recently-issued permits that relate to apartment construction. You should be able to figure out where housing is or soon will be going up by reviewing the documents the representative brings back. Some communities have these records in electronic format you can search on your own, but either way, you might have to pay a fee to get what you need.

.   Talk to real estate agents. 

Real estate agents who service renters as well as buyers and sellers make it their business to know what properties are being built so they can make expert “good fit” recommendations to their clients. Contact a representative from a reputable agency and tell them you want to know what new apartments are in your area. They often happily will send you a list of properties to explore, along with an invitation to help you with all steps of the rental search and application process.

.   Grab a copy of your community’s apartment digest. 

Most towns and cities publish catalogs or newsletters, distributed to public locations such as libraries and bus stops, that identify apartment buildings near you. The listings also provide contact information, rental rates, basic layout details such as 1 or 2 bedroom and when the complex will take applications. Not all of the apartments listed will be new, but those that are usually make it an advertising point, highlighting that they are brand new, just opened or recently built.

.   Do a search online. 

Although companies often list new apartment complexes in print digests to get the word out about the buildings, they also will invest in online marketing on popular apartment search sites. Once you’ve narrowed your results using your zip code, sort the listings by newest first. Newer apartments usually don’t put up listings until they’re ready to fill vacancies, so there’s no need to waste time scrolling through older ads. If the apartment site doesn’t indicate how old buildings are, click on available links to the complexes’ websites, or find the websites using your favorite search engine.


Finding a brand new apartment building is simply a matter of talking with people you know and accessing public records and publications. Start your search early to increase the odds of getting your dream place.

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