Essential Furnace Maintenance Tips

22 Oct

Winter is here and long cold nights already started. We cannot change the weather nor the time it changes since its part of our climate, but we can change the way it affects our family and us. The best thing we can do is ensure we feel the minimal effects of winter by being prepared in everything that can help us feel warm and comfortable. Thus, one of the things we need to make for even before winter starts or before it gets too cold is our home. Repairs and maintenance need to get done so there are no open spaces where cold air can enter.

Additionally, the heating system needs to get checked too. One primary network in the house that is often neglected but is very important is the furnace. If you have one, you can ask a furnace repair company Houston to check on it and fix what needs repair. However, here are some simple things you can do for yourself in maintaining your furnace.

Turn Off the Power

First and foremost, you need to make sure the power is turned off. Not turning it off before any maintenance can cause trouble in different ways. You could get hurt, and it can cause fire and explosion too and thereby damaging it and not just the furnace but your house as well. It is therefore essential to make sure you switch off the system correctly before doing anything.

Clean the Combustion Chamber

It is in the combustion chamber where fuel gets mixed with air and create fire to generate heat. Therefore, this part may cause the buildup of soot, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. What you can do is to scrape out these elements through the use of a small wire brush. Do not use something stronger or more significant as it may cause damage to the chamber.

Inspect the Flue Pipe

You also need to check on the exhaust pipe and ensure that there are no carbon monoxide leakages. Pay particular attention to the part where the pipe connects to the furnace. Make sure to adjust the pipe’s barometric damper too.

Replace the Oil Filter

Do not forget to replace the oil filter if it is old. A functional oil filter ensures that clogging gets prevented and small impurities do not go in. Clogging may result to fire. Additionally, make sure you dispose of the screen properly since it is considered a hazardous material.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the crucial parts of a furnace. It is where the air you breathe passes. It is essential to ensure it is always working correctly and is safe. However, it is important to note that you do not have to change it too often. Change it when necessary or when it gets worn out.

Adjust the Burner

You also have to adjust the burner for better efficiency. Make sure the burner’s gate gets changed so the right amount of fuel will get used and released in the air.

Clean the Floor Vents

Lastly, you also need to clean your floor vents. When these vents are dirty or clogged, air cannot flow properly and therefore preventing the right amount and condition of air to reach you. It also reduces the efficiency of the furnace, and it could cause additional problems.

Are you experiencing problems with your furnace or do you need help in cleaning it? Visit our office for assistance.

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