Choosing an Estate Agent to Buy Property

7 Aug

Our current information age makes it possible to go it alone when buying a home without receiving any help for a professional real estate agent. Nevertheless, this is not always advisable because there are many aspects to the housing market that most of us know nothing about. It is vital that buyers get the help needed to translate local laws and customs properly. A team of professional will help guide you along the way.

When you are choosing an estate agent to buy properly, you will want to look for a buyer’s agent. The terms of the agreement will spell out whether you will be paying them an hourly fee or a set price. At times, the commission paid to seller’s agents is split at the end the property for sale. The complicated nature of hybrid agencies and property transactions sometimes results in conflicts of interests. Be sure to ask your agent about this.

Estate Agent


A good way to find a great agent is to ask for referrals from friends, family and co-workers. Local business people are another good source. Local people who have just bought a home can tell you if their agent lived up to expectations. Make a list and use is during your search. Relocation representatives and using the internet to find potential agents can also be used when there is no network from which to get referrals.

Ask Questions

Ask any agent you are interested in if they are working full time or on a part time basis. Full time agents generally invest more time into clients. You will also want to know what kind of experience the agent possesses so ask how long they have been working in real estate. Be sure to listen carefully as they explain and ask questions of their own. One vital question they should ask is if you have been pro-approved for a loan.

Signing a Contract

In most instances an agent will ask that you sign a broker’s agreement. Once signed, you will be committed to work exclusively with that agent for a specific time period. If for any reason you aren’t sure you will have a good relationship with this agent ask for a shorter commitment period. The majority of agents allow clients to negotiate for a length of time with which they are comfortable.

By selecting a good agent you will have a greater chance of buying a property more quickly and negotiate a better deal. They will also guide you through the grueling process. You will need to hire a buyer’s agent that understands your special needs. Jeremy James and Company would like the opportunity to answer your questions about our professional service.

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